Coaching & Collaboration - Zoom Call


What: A few times a year, Redeemer hosts Zoom calls with our pastor for coaching and collaboration. Topics range from preaching to evangelism to navigating complex pastoral situations. 

Who: Most of these calls are limited to our Lead Pastors, but from time to time, based on the topic, we open them up.


HUB: Gospel-Centered Care & Counseling

Redeemer Round Rock

Lead Pastor & Wives Retreat

San Antonio

What: In 2024, the Redeemer Network is hosting a pastor and wives retreat. We hope to provide a space to grow together in the joys and struggles of marriage in ministry. 

Who: Redeemer Network Lead Pastors and wives


Planter Assessment

Online Webinar

What: One component of our church planting residency is a formal assessment. Our assessment aims to identify areas of needed growth and give actionable plans to help our planters be as prepared as possible. The coaching from the assessment is to give them the best possible chance at a healthy start as they begin their planting journey. 

Who: Redeemer Residents