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The Redeemer Network exists to catalyze church planting, replanting, and revitalization in Texas and beyond. This is what we do. How we do it is summarized in three words:

Train | Fund | Support 



A collaborative and immersive church planting residency is critical to Redeemer’s strategy for planting healthy, gospel-centered, missional churches. Many churches desire to be “church-planting churches” but lack the resources or opportunity to do so. The Redeemer Network helps our churches become “church-planting churches” through our residency.

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Redeemer trains churches being replanted or revitalized through coaching, consulting, and strategic planning. Our training is specialized and adapted to each church's unique situation. 

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One key to success for church plants and replants is sufficient funding, especially in the early years. Redeemer Network generously funds our churches over the first two years. We are able to do this because of our churches’ and supporters' generous and sacrificial giving. 

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Pastoring is difficult and often lonely. In recent studies by Barna, the rate of pastoral burnout is only increasing. Yet, healthy churches are led by healthy leaders. Knowing both the reality of pastoral ministry and the importance of pastoral health, the Redeemer Network works to ensure none of our pastors feel isolated and unsupported. Instead, we aim to see all our pastors supported, connected, and equipped through the coaching and care outlined below. 

  • Pastor Retreats

  • Pastor and Wives Retreat 

  • Conference and Training Events 

  • One-on-One Coaching for Pastors 

  • Coaching for Leadership Teams  

  • Direct Care 

  • Regular Zoom Calls for Coaching and Collaboration


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