Catalyzing Church MULTIPLICATION



The Redeemer Network exists to serve as a catalyst in the work of planting and replanting healthy churches in Texas and beyond. With God’s help, we are working together to see 50 healthy churches established by the year 2030. To accomplish this, our team is focusing on three core priorities: training, funding, and support. 


Every church partnered with the Redeemer Network has access to our shared/collaborative Church Planter Residency Program. This program is 18 months of training led by a variety of experienced church planters in our network that includes development via online learning cohorts, weekend intensives, and local church development.

Training & Development for Re-planters

The work of replanting and revitalizing churches requires a unique calling and takes a unique skill set. Through our Catalyst Initiative, we seek to help leaders discern their calling and prepare for the work of replanting or revitalizing. During this program, we pair leaders with a veteran replanting pastor in the Redeemer Network as a mentor in the work.


Upon completion of our Church Planter Residency and our Replanter Training Program, leaders are thoroughly assessed prior to their commissioning. An assessment provides our leaders with an opportunity for affirmation, sharpening, and strengthening as they set out in their calling. For church planters, we partner with the Acts 29 Network on assessments. For replanters and churches looking to be replanted, we do assessments in partnership with Catalyst Collective.

Ongoing Support & Coaching

Healthy churches are led by healthy leaders. An important part of our vision is to make sure that every pastor & planter in the Redeemer Network is receiving ongoing care and coaching. We support our leaders with regular 1: 1 check-ins, quarterly Church Health Cohorts, and an annual pastors retreat.

Consulting & Training for Churches (Catalyst)

In our efforts to catalyze replanting across Texas and beyond, we want to serve churches that are looking for renewed vision. Experienced and successful replanters in the Redeemer Network will come alongside churches to offer consulting and training. We also host an annual event focused on the work of church replanting/revitalization.

Training & Development for Worship Leaders

One of the benefits of our network of churches is that there is a wealth of experience to draw from. Worship Pastors in the Redeemer Network collaborate together to train worship teams, develop future worship leaders, and write and record songs for our churches.

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