Our vision to establish and multiply healthy churches goes beyond church planting. As a network of churches we are seeking opportunities to train and support leaders for the work of church replanting. Did you know that nearly 4,000 churches closes their doors every year in the United States? We believe that with the right resources, training, and support many of these declining and dying churches can grow fruitful again. This is why we launched the Catalyst Collective in 2021. Catalyst is an intentionally collaborative ministry that extends beyond denominational boundaries and restraints. The ministry was birthed by the Redeemer Network and Abernathy United Church with the aim of advancing the gospel through church replanting and revitalization. Training, supporting, and funding re-planters is key component to our vision as a network of churches.


The work of replanting and revitalizing churches requires a unique calling and takes a unique skill set. Through our Catalyst Initiative, we seek to help leaders discern their calling and prepare for the work of replanting or revitalizing. During this program, we pair leaders with a veteran replanting pastor in the Redeemer Network as a mentor in the work.